Attn: Dan Dicks

Yesterday, I sent this email to Dan Dicks about his recent experience being targeted by an irrational mob of apparent Antifa members, his subsequent arrest and treatment by the Canadian police, his impugned reputation in the main stream media, and his de-platforming and de-monetization by major Internet companies.

I doubt it got it through though.  I doubt much of what I’m writing is getting through.

Either way, I’ll keep posting these things across multiple venues, until our censors lose control of the narrative …

Hi Dan,

If all of the things that recently happened to you had happened to me, I’d be filing a slew of lawsuits against the organizations, government agencies, and individuals involved. I’d do it very publicly, with very little money, without an attorney.

I’ve done things like this before, so I know this can work.

I’m not sure how this applies in Canada, but I believe you could do something similar. If you’re interested, I’ve documented my journey on this blog: Adventures of a Pro Se Litigant

Please let me know if I can help.