Palestinian or Jew

If you were born at exactly the same moment — to a different mother, a different community, a different religion — would you still be who you currently are?

Many people believe that genetics (as inherited through our family tree) determines our race, color, and gender. They believe that our life experiences, as shared with family and community, paint unique stories of our lives that define who we are.

But what if we are more than this?

More and more people are realizing that we are more than just our physical body, and more than just the stories we tell ourselves about our past. (All of the great world religions and spiritual traditions share these concepts. They also share certain techniques that can be used to attain the higher states of consciousness where these concepts can be experienced directly.)

And more and more people are realizing that you are too. When you can see your enemy as another divine being sharing a human experience, you can suddenly understand how life circumstances could have brought them to this point in their life. Just as your life circumstances has brought you to yours.

“Their but by the grace of God go I”

The true path to harmony lies not in replacing one narrative with another. The true path lies in removing the narratives all together.

The true path is in coming to know who you really are, then aligning with your life purpose.

Until next time …

Jay Fenello
Awaking Coach

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