About Jay Fenello

Jay started his career as a computer engineer for IBM, Boca Raton, where he worked on a new product called the IBM PC. After successfully designing a PC card and its supporting software, he left IBM for a small start-up called Core International. As one of 13 employees working in an old house, Jay helped that company more than quadruple sales and double in size in less than a year.

That experience taught Jay many lessons, and helped him to recognize his preference for smaller companies. Shortly thereafter, Jay returned to school where he earned an MBA in Entrepreneurship from one of the top programs in the nation.  Since that time, Jay has been involved in numerous startups and small businesses, including a successful business unit for MicroAge, Inc. — a Fortune 500 company.

Much of Jay’s knowledge about the Internet is a result of a company he formed in 1997 called Iperdome, Inc. But what started out as a typical Internet venture, soon turned into a world-wide political process to establish Internet Governance.

As one of its most active participants, Jay testified in front of Congress, served on the committee that resulted in ICANN, and provided Internet Governance consulting to Network Solutions. (read the details in this Harvard Law interview)

Jay Fenello, as pictured in the New York Times

After the dot-com crash, Jay decided to help small business owners directly, first as a website consultant, then as business broker.  In the latter role, Jay helped people buy and sell small businesses and franchises, and was repeatedly recognized as one of the top business brokers in the state.

On September 30, 2019, just months before Covid would change everything, Jay shut down his brokerage site in preparation for the impending downturn.  Since then, Jay has been a real estate and business advisor with the FenelloGroup, while continuing to explore other areas of interests.

Consistent with his calling to help people awaken and align with their life purpose, Jay recently launched PathWorks.org, a service that helps people experience the higher state of consciousness known as “the witness.”

To learn more about Jay Fenello, please contact him at:

Jay Fenello
618 Alpine Drive
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Email: Jay@Fenello.com
Phone: (770) 516-6922