Behind the Deep State

The battle in Washington is heating up, as Trump gives Attorney General Barr the authority to declassify documents related to the Russia investigation. It is alleged that a small group of people acted outside of normal channels to spy on, target, and attack the presidency. In the process, people like former CIA Director Brennan, former National Intelligence Director Clapper, and former FBI Director Coumey could all be implicated.

If coordinated, it could even be considered treason … a crime punishable by death!

The result today is open warfare between the presidency and the deep state.  While none of this surprises me, I am surprised that the deep state is being openly discussed at all.

To admit that a deep state exists, is to admit that we have a permanent, un-elected power structure secretly running things from behind the scenes — despite the best wishes of the people, or the people elected to represent them.

In order for a deep state to exist, it must 1) operate in secret, and 2) be coordinated across a diverse group of power centers.   Power centers that include political, business, media, religious, academic, and military leaders.

“I have long held that America’s Deep State — the permanent, un-elected government and its many proxies and public-private partnerships — is driven by warring elites.  There is no purpose in making the conflict public, so the battles are waged in private, behind closed doors.”
Charles Hugh Smith

Who’s Behind the Deep State?

I’ve been studying this since the 1980’s, and here’s what I believe …

There is a deep state, and it’s part of a of a much larger power structure that secretly controls things from behind the scenes.  This power is coordinated at meetings like the recently concluded Bilderberg Meeting in Switzerland.  That’s where business, academic, religious, military, and political leaders get together to discuss options, build alliances, and decide upon strategies to be implemented.

Events like this happen all over the world, across the various power centers.  The people who attend these events are representing the interests of those who really control the assets of planet earth.  This includes many legacy assets, like the ability to control information, create money, and lead the masses.

Which leads to the biggest conspiracy of all.  Not only are these power centers secretly colluding to control events on planet earth, their ranks include alien beings who retain influence due to their legacy contributions to our early civilizations, monarchies and religions.

I know all of this controversial, so I’ll probably hear crickets, but comments welcome and encouraged.  Until next time …

Note: If you have any interest in exploring how we got here, please see my work in progress called:  A New Creation Myth