Memorial Day

Memorial Day is observed to honor the soldiers who died while serving our nation.  Many will use this day to celebrate America, and the freedoms enjoyed as a result of these sacrifices.

What freedoms are we celebrating?  Half of the Bill of Rights is gone, and the other half is under attack.

Instead of celebrating what America has become, maybe we can use this day to remember what America is supposed to be about … before it’s too late, and the last of our freedoms are gone.

Palestinian or Jew

If you were born at exactly the same moment — to a different mother, a different community, a different religion — would you still be who you currently are?

Many people believe that genetics (as inherited through our family tree) determines our race, color, and gender. They believe that our life experiences, as shared with family and community, paint unique stories of our lives that define who we are.

But what if we are more than this?

More and more people are realizing that we are more than just our physical body, and more than just the stories we tell ourselves about our past. (All of the great world religions and spiritual traditions share these concepts. They also share certain techniques that can be used to attain the higher states of consciousness where these concepts can be experienced directly.)

And more and more people are realizing that you are too. When you can see your enemy as another divine being sharing a human experience, you can suddenly understand how life circumstances could have brought them to this point in their life. Just as your life circumstances has brought you to yours.

“Their but by the grace of God go I”

The true path to harmony lies not in replacing one narrative with another. The true path lies in removing the narratives all together.

The true path is in coming to know who you really are, then aligning with your life purpose.

Until next time …

Jay Fenello
Awaking Coach

Welcome to World War III

World War III is happening right now, and you are in it.

Centers of power have aligned in strategies and tactics, and open warfare is ongoing.

Advances in technology, biology and psychology have merged to allowed big tech, media, pharma and government to drive behaviors for profit and control.  And just like the prior two world wars, this one is world wide.

We see this in the globally coordinated attacks on money supplies, small businesses, commodities, energy, and services of all sorts.  We see it in the globally coordinated attacks on history, education and political systems.  And we see it in the globally coordinated biological attacks, responses, and counter-attacks.

Unlike prior world wars, however, this one is not being fought with guns, between people in different geographical locations.  This one is being fought with words, images and concepts, globally, by the powers that be versus everyone else.  It’s a battle for our minds, and their primary weapon is the narrative … infused via propaganda and censorship.

Until next time …

Jay Fenello

On Consciousness

I’ve previously written about consciousness, meditation, and something I call “the harmony point.”  One of the challenges in writing on these topics, is how difficult it is to describe something that is often beyond words.

I recently came across two videos that do a good job of describing these same concepts from slightly different perspectives. The first one will resonate with those who come out of a Bible-based tradition.

The second will resonate with those who come out of a more spiritual tradition.

Either way, enjoy, and comments welcome …

Wall Street Cheats

The ongoing Gamestop ($GME) debacle proves one thing:  Wall Street Cheats.

Some hedge funds were caught selling more shares of $GME than existed in *all* of the world.  As much as 40 percent more!!!  (that’s like 40% more people voting than actually living in a district.)

Anyway, some smart people on Reddit figured this out. They realized if they were able to drive the price of the stock up, the hedge funds could be trapped for a big loss.  And so they did, and so they were.

But the hedge funds had a few tricks of their own, as well as some more powerful players in their corner.  While the outcome is pending, the debacle shows how wall street normally works.

Hedge funds with virtually unlimited capital wage financial war on their prey.  They’ll even sell fake stock to bring down share prices and entire businesses.

And it’s not just stocks. The same problem appears to exist in the silver market, as the split between paper and real-world pricing (which should be the same) more than doubles.

Until next time …

Consensus Reality

My recent writings share a common theme — that we are divided today because we are living in two different realities. I see it over and over again, from our recent insurrection, to the disputed elections, to the pandemic, to the lock-downs, and to the economic distress and displacement.

But I was wrong.  We aren’t living in two different realities at all.

We really have just one reality — “consensus reality.”

If you follow it, you’ll be rewarded.  And if you don’t, as recent events reveal, you will be punished. You’ll be ostracized, shadow banned, de-platformed, you’ll lose your job, your government subsidies, and your ability to travel. You may even die or go to prison.

On the other side of consensus reality, is any belief that diverges from it. This is true whether the belief is held by you, or any of the other people on the planet.  This is what makes consensus reality so dangerous.  Once it attains critical mass, it marginalizes all other voices.

What exactly is consensus reality?  It’s whatever the powers that be decide it to be.

So while my liberal friends may today feel that the ends justify the means, they may not like it as much when the powers that be decide on a new, darker consensus reality.

For me, I’m a seeker of truth.  I notice the stories that are being suppressed, and I know that their suppression is preventing a better reality.

I also believe that every individual has their own truth, one based on their unique life journey.  To surrender the expression of these unique souls to any collective, is to surrender our future … and our humanity.

I hope we come to our senses soon.

Jay Fenello
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Garbage In, Garbage Out – The Georgia Recount

One concept you quickly learn in the computer world is known as “garbage in, garbage out.” Even with the best intentions, programs, policies, and procedures, if you use bad data, you will get bad results.

The question with the Georgia vote, near as I can tell, is whether the data is bad. One assertion is that thousands of fraudulent ballots were inserted into the vote pool when certain Georgia counties were shut down.

The way things stand right now, even if that were true, those votes would still count. So, simply recounting what we already have, will only give totals that include thousands of potentially corrupted votes.

You see, back in March, Georgia signed a consent decree to address a previous election lawsuit.  And as a result, rules designed to prevent this type of mail-in election fraud were greatly reduced.

The real question is whether this consent decree is legal. That’s what the Lin Wood lawsuit filed last Friday is all about. That’s where the real action is.  The rest is garbage in, garbage out …

P.S.  Several other states also reduced their voter verification laws, and now face similar charges of fraud.  Coincidence?  Coordinated? Treason?

Mr. Bobulinski Goes to Washington

I love the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” and here’s my favorite scene:

25 hours earlier, he had just taken over the senate floor in a filibuster to prove his innocence, and reveal the extensive corruption that existed in the senate. He did it to a room full of rotating senators and reporters.

It’s the moment in the film when now Senator Smith realizes that his messages aren’t getting out. It’s the moment he realizes that everything he has said has either been misrepresented, distorted or ignored.

Never in America would I believe I’d see a day like that day.

But today is that day, and Bobulinski is that Mr. Smith.

He’s one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners referenced in email found in Hunter Biden’s laptop. You may have heard that this laptop is somehow Russian.  It is not.  It was this allegation that forced Bobulinski to step forward to clear his name.

Since that time, Bobulinski has held a well attended (and barely reported) press conference, confirmed his evidence on Tucker Carlson, produced multiple electronic communication devices that corroborate his disclosures, and provided copies to the FBI.

Since that time, the FBI has revealed that there is an open investigation into contents on the laptop, and a senate committee has verified Bobulinski’s evidence.

Despite all of this, this story has been blacked out of almost all media outlets.

If you don’t the know about this news story, you need a new news source.

You’re missing the show …

The Game of Life

When I was growing up, we didn’t have the Internet. We didn’t have hundreds of TV stations, movies on demand, or video games. What we did have were board games, some that even tried to teach life lessons about the real world.

And two succeeded …

One was called “The Game of Life.”  In it, you go to school, get a job, get married, raise a family, and eventually retire.  The person who ends up with the most money wins.

Will you go to college?  What career will you choose?  How many kids will you have?  With every turn, you get to “spin the wheel” of life to determine the next set of choices available to you.

The other game was called “Monopoly.”  In it, everyone starts off with the same amount of cash, and earns the same salary as they travel around the board.  With each “roll of the dice,” opportunities and challenges come your way, including options to buy land, houses and apartments. Your goal is to accumulate wealth, while avoiding taxes, the police, and greedy landlords along the way.

When playing Monopoly, wealth tends to accumulate in the hands of fewer and fewer players.  One by one, people are driven out of the game via bankruptcy, until just one person remains.

The Game of Life is a friendly game. Everyone starts out together, faces common life questions and challenges, and everyone finishes together.  The game of Monopoly, not so much.  While everyone starts out the same, one by one, people are forced out of the game when they can no longer pay their bills.

Life Lessons

People are divided today, because we are playing different games!

If you believe everything the media is telling you, and all of the “authorities” and “experts” they amplify, then you are probably playing the Game of Life. With every “spin the wheel,” you choose from life options as they are laid out for you.

If you have already lost your job, your home, or your business — or you are about to — you probably recognize the game as Monopoly. With every “roll of the dice,” you get closer and closer to wealth … or elimination.

We are divided today because people in the first group can’t see the world through the eyes of those in the second.  They can’t see the cheating that’s going on. They can’t see the corruption. They can’t see that the game is fixed. They can’t see the hopelessness.

They can’t see the remaining contenders are sociopath monopolists who will stop at nothing to “win” this game.  They will lie, they will cheat, they will kill … they will do whatever it takes to accumulate control over all of the world’s resources.

Whether your game is life or monopoly, our true adversaries are the forces of consolidation and control.

As always, thoughtful comments welcome.