Fixing Politics

We can’t fix the many problems facing our world today, without fixing politics. And we can’t fix politics, without reconciling our foundational beliefs. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, black or white, Christian or Jew, Moslem or Hindu, you are who you are because of what you believe about your life story.

This is the story of where you came from, why you are here, and where you are going. This is the creation myth you grew up with, embellished with your family history, and the life choices you’ve made along the way. It explains how you fit into the social order around you, and your role in today’s reality.

Beneath it all lies the creation myth, the foundation of all belief systems.  From ancient Egypt to Rome, to modern day Beijing and Washington, D.C., every civilization that has ever existed has been built upon a creation myth.  It’s what gives power to people like Khamenei in Iran, and Salman in Saudi Arabia. (and Trump in the United States)

To bring peace to the people of the world, we must get beneath the superficial issues that divide us, and connect on a deeper, more foundational level. By comparing our creation myths, and how they’ve changed over the years, we can see behind the curtain and take back control of our destiny.

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To Really Change the World

To really change the world, we need to reconcile our creation myths.

Creation myths are the stories that tell us who we are, why we are here, and how we fit into the social order.

Creation myths are the stories that make up our foundational beliefs — beliefs that underlie our behavior at levels we are often unaware of.

Creation myths weave together a story of early humanity from the time before writing existed, to the time when written language first emerges. Depending on the year first documented, creation myths can share similar stories, yet vary widely in interpretation.

We can see this by comparing the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran. While they all build upon the story of Adam and Eve, they each end with the birth of a new foundational belief system, supportive of a new social order.

To bring peace to the Palestinian, Jew, Christian, and Muslim, we really need to explore these foundational beliefs.

To really change the world, we need to reconcile our creation myths.