My Poor Wife

After weeks of sheltering in place together, I think I’m getting on my wife’s nerves.

And who could blame her. As my friends can attest, I can be a little … intense.

My problem is, I live in a different reality from most people. It’s not the one you see on TV. I first noticed it when I was younger, when it was more subtle and difficult to detect. Over the years it has gotten worse, as those responsible for fake versions of reality have consolidated their power and control.

Now they are merging it with technology in a most frightening way.

Recently, facebook, youtube, and twitter have announced that only approved messages will be allowed on their networks. As an example, a press conference held by two doctors was just removed for providing opinions that differ from the approved narrative. Now we are being told of forced vaccinations, contact tracing, and immunization passports. All in addition to lock-downs on demand.

It paints a future that we will not like, and it’s getting closer by the day.

And yet, not everyone can see it coming.

So every night, I watch the evening news to better understand the fake narrative. And every night my wife has to hear me yell at the TV set, as our nation inches closer towards its demise.

Jay Fenello

P.S. In an attempt to keep this posting online, all topics likely to be censored have been avoided.

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Coronavirus Death Rate

I recently lost my mother back in January.  She was 83, living in a nursing home.

She had suffered a variety of health issues leading up to her demise, as her immune system broke down due to aging. The death certificate said she died of heart failure.

Had she died today, it probably would have said coronavirus.  Here’s why …

To track deaths in a standardized format, the World Health Organization (WHO) has established a set of codes that the rest of the world follows. Because testing for this virus has been problematic (with chronic shortages of test kits and supplies, and faulty and inaccurate results), the WHO established two codes for the coronavirus: 1) if the death had been caused by the virus as verified through testing, and 2) if the virus was a likely cause of death but not verified.

As you can imagine, the second code is a much easier standard to reach.  And as a result, the vast majority of coronavirus deaths reported to date are suspected, not confirmed.  And it’s even worse in the US …

Here the CDC is instructing doctors to use the second code “if the virus is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”  No longer must the virus be a likely cause of death, simply contributing to death is enough.  With this standard alone, my mom would have qualified.  But it doesn’t end there …

President Trump recently declared a national emergency for every state in the union.  That means there are billions of dollars of emergency aid available to the states, based in part on the number of coronavirus deaths they report.  That’s like putting gasoline on a fire to put it out.

When you put it all together, we have exaggerated coronavirus deaths, and a coordinated policy of “scaring the shit” out of everyone.  All leading us to an economic catastrophe.  Why?

Until next time.

P.S.  All of the assertions made in this posting have been documented in my twitter feed.