Welcome to World War III

World War III is happening right now, and you are in it.

Centers of power have aligned in strategies and tactics, and open warfare is ongoing.

Advances in technology, biology and psychology have merged to allowed big tech, media, pharma and government to drive behaviors for profit and control.  And just like the prior two world wars, this one is world wide.

We see this in the globally coordinated attacks on money supplies, small businesses, commodities, energy, and services of all sorts.  We see it in the globally coordinated attacks on history, education and political systems.  And we see it in the globally coordinated biological attacks, responses, and counter-attacks.

Unlike prior world wars, however, this one is not being fought with guns, between people in different geographical locations.  This one is being fought with words, images and concepts, globally, by the powers that be versus everyone else.  It’s a battle for our minds, and their primary weapon is the narrative … infused via propaganda and censorship.

Until next time …

Jay Fenello