Consensus Reality

My recent writings share a common theme — that we are divided today because we are living in two different realities. I see it over and over again, from our recent insurrection, to the disputed elections, to the pandemic, to the lock-downs, and to the economic distress and displacement.

But I was wrong.  We aren’t living in two different realities at all.

We really have just one reality — “consensus reality.”

If you follow it, you’ll be rewarded.  And if you don’t, as recent events reveal, you will be punished. You’ll be ostracized, shadow banned, de-platformed, you’ll lose your job, your government subsidies, and your ability to travel. You may even die or go to prison.

On the other side of consensus reality, is any belief that diverges from it. This is true whether the belief is held by you, or any of the other people on the planet.  This is what makes consensus reality so dangerous.  Once it attains critical mass, it marginalizes all other voices.

What exactly is consensus reality?  It’s whatever the powers that be decide it to be.

So while my liberal friends may today feel that the ends justify the means, they may not like it as much when the powers that be decide on a new, darker consensus reality.

For me, I’m a seeker of truth.  I notice the stories that are being suppressed, and I know that their suppression is preventing a better reality.

I also believe that every individual has their own truth, one based on their unique life journey.  To surrender the expression of these unique souls to any collective, is to surrender our future … and our humanity.

I hope we come to our senses soon.

Jay Fenello
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