Garbage In, Garbage Out – The Georgia Recount

One concept you quickly learn in the computer world is known as “garbage in, garbage out.” Even with the best intentions, programs, policies, and procedures, if you use bad data, you will get bad results.

The question with the Georgia vote, near as I can tell, is whether the data is bad. One assertion is that thousands of fraudulent ballots were inserted into the vote pool when certain Georgia counties were shut down.

The way things stand right now, even if that were true, those votes would still count. So, simply recounting what we already have, will only give totals that include thousands of potentially corrupted votes.

You see, back in March, Georgia signed a consent decree to address a previous election lawsuit.  And as a result, rules designed to prevent this type of mail-in election fraud were greatly reduced.

The real question is whether this consent decree is legal. That’s what the Lin Wood lawsuit filed last Friday is all about. That’s where the real action is.  The rest is garbage in, garbage out …

P.S.  Several other states also reduced their voter verification laws, and now face similar charges of fraud.  Coincidence?  Coordinated? Treason?

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