In this Instant

Everything that has ever happened in your life, has brought you to read these words at this moment in time.  What you do in the next is under your control, and can impact the arch of your future.  In every instant, of every minute, of every day, you can make a decision that changes the direction of your life, and impacts everyone and every thing around you.

It is “in this instant” that free will can be expressed, and the future can be changed.

Unfortunately, most decisions are made on autopilot, and propelled by habit and tradition.  To change the direction of our future, therefore, we must better understand this autopilot, so that we can set the controls toward a new, better destination.

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The Identity Stack

You are who you are, because of what you believe about the past.

Just like with consciousness, identity is built in layers. Working backwards, it’s the story of you, and how you came to be where you are today.  It’s the story of your siblings, parents and grandparents.  It’s the story of your people, tribe and religion.  It’s the story of your race.  It’s the story of where you came from …

Layer upon layer, story upon story, your identity is built along a unique path from the past to present.  While the order may vary, the lower levels are typically set when you are young, and become more entrenched and difficult to change as you age.

On top of it all lies ideology, or how you project yourself into the future. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or a Nazi, you embrace your beliefs because they are consistent with and build upon the foundational stories of your life.

Historically, when large groups of people change foundational beliefs, big things happen — governments fall and new religions are born.  This is how our republic was formed, and how the former Soviet Union ceased to be.

And it feels like big things are happening now.

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The Consciousness Stack

As a computer engineer by training, I learned how to design and build computers from the ground up, in layers.  Transistors, integrated circuits, firmware, operating system, drivers, applications, networks … computers that can listen to the words you speak and answer simple questions.

Later in life, I noticed similarities with human consciousness, and the way it is also built in layers:

Consciousness Stack

To get people to agree on abortion, or climate change, is impossible at the “ideology” level — especially when current beliefs are built upon conflicting, lower levels.  To resolve these conflicts, we need to find agreement on the more foundational levels.

That explains my focus on creation myths and origin stories. By exploring how these have changed over the centuries, people can better see behind the curtain.  How these changes seem to happen once or twice every thousand years.  How it looks like we’re about to have one now.

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Fixing Politics

We can’t fix the many problems facing our world today, without fixing politics. And we can’t fix politics, without reconciling our foundational beliefs. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, black or white, Christian or Jew, Moslem or Hindu, you are who you are because of what you believe about your life story.

This is the story of where you came from, why you are here, and where you are going. This is the creation myth you grew up with, embellished with your family history, and the life choices you’ve made along the way. It explains how you fit into the social order around you, and your role in today’s reality.

Beneath it all lies the creation myth, the foundation of all belief systems.  From ancient Egypt to Rome, to modern day Beijing and Washington, D.C., every civilization that has ever existed has been built upon a creation myth.  It’s what gives power to people like Khamenei in Iran, and Salman in Saudi Arabia. (and Trump in the United States)

To bring peace to the people of the world, we must get beneath the superficial issues that divide us, and connect on a deeper, more foundational level. By comparing our creation myths, and how they’ve changed over the years, we can see behind the curtain and take back control of our destiny.

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To Really Change the World

To really change the world, we need to reconcile our creation myths.

Creation myths are the stories that tell us who we are, why we are here, and how we fit into the social order.

Creation myths are the stories that make up our foundational beliefs — beliefs that underlie our behavior at levels we are often unaware of.

Creation myths weave together a story of early humanity from the time before writing existed, to the time when written language first emerges. Depending on the year first documented, creation myths can share similar stories, yet vary widely in interpretation.

We can see this by comparing the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran. While they all build upon the story of Adam and Eve, they each end with the birth of a new foundational belief system, supportive of a new social order.

To bring peace to the Palestinian, Jew, Christian, and Muslim, we really need to explore these foundational beliefs.

To really change the world, we need to reconcile our creation myths.

Behind Child Molestation

Once you accept that a deep state exists — a permanent, un-elected power structure secretly running things from behind the scenes — the child molestation crisis becomes more understandable.

To secretly run things from behind the scenes requires an ability to control people at  multiple organizations and institutions.  One of the easiest ways to control people, is to have something over them that can destroy their lives and reputation, and send them off to prison for a very long time.  Child molestation is one of those things.

This explains why the feds refused to prosecute Jeffrey Epstein the first time around — because he has ties to intelligence agencies, and works for the deep state.  It’s also why Britain refused to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman and friends, and why the Catholic church and other institutions have refused to turn in members guilty of similar atrocities. Each of these organizations has been infiltrated with deep state operatives who are protecting those supportive of their agenda.

Acosta … cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,”

This also explains why we keep ending up with leaders of such questionable moral character.  They are the ones ultimately supported by the powers that be — exactly because they are controllable (blackmail-able).

The current case against Epstein implicates some very powerful people, including presidents Trump and Clinton.  It will be interesting to see how deep this rabbit hole goes.  However this turns out, it is refreshing to see an attempt to return to lawfulness expressed in the Southern District of New York.  Let’s hope this catches on.

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Behind the Deep State

The battle in Washington is heating up, as Trump gives Attorney General Barr the authority to declassify documents related to the Russia investigation. It is alleged that a small group of people acted outside of normal channels to spy on, target, and attack the presidency. In the process, people like former CIA Director Brennan, former National Intelligence Director Clapper, and former FBI Director Coumey could all be implicated.

If coordinated, it could even be considered treason … a crime punishable by death!

The result today is open warfare between the presidency and the deep state.  While none of this surprises me, I am surprised that the deep state is being openly discussed at all.

To admit that a deep state exists, is to admit that we have a permanent, un-elected power structure secretly running things from behind the scenes — despite the best wishes of the people, or the people elected to represent them.

In order for a deep state to exist, it must 1) operate in secret, and 2) be coordinated across a diverse group of power centers.   Power centers that include political, business, media, religious, academic, and military leaders.

“I have long held that America’s Deep State — the permanent, un-elected government and its many proxies and public-private partnerships — is driven by warring elites.  There is no purpose in making the conflict public, so the battles are waged in private, behind closed doors.”
Charles Hugh Smith

Who’s Behind the Deep State?

I’ve been studying this since the 1980’s, and here’s what I believe …

There is a deep state, and it’s part of a of a much larger power structure that secretly controls things from behind the scenes.  This power is coordinated at meetings like the recently concluded Bilderberg Meeting in Switzerland.  That’s where business, academic, religious, military, and political leaders get together to discuss options, build alliances, and decide upon strategies to be implemented.

Events like this happen all over the world, across the various power centers.  The people who attend these events are representing the interests of those who really control the assets of planet earth.  This includes many legacy assets, like the ability to control information, create money, and lead the masses.

Which leads to the biggest conspiracy of all.  Not only are these power centers secretly colluding to control events on planet earth, their ranks include alien beings who retain influence due to their legacy contributions to our early civilizations, monarchies and religions.

I know all of this controversial, so I’ll probably hear crickets, but comments welcome and encouraged.  Until next time …

Note: If you have any interest in exploring how we got here, please see my work in progress called:  A New Creation Myth

A New Creation Myth (draft)

Note: This is an attempt to merge ancient writings, religious traditions, and modern science into a new creation myth — one that unifies the human experience.  It is being shared as a work in progress. Comments and suggestions welcome. 

Life began on Earth almost 4 billion years ago.  Primates have been around for about 85 million years, while modern humans first appeared just 200,000 years ago.  Our oldest ruins are roughly 12,000 years old, while our oldest writings go back just 5,000 years.

In other words, we’ve only just arrived here on planet Earth, and most of our history is missing.  We really don’t know much about the first 195,000 years. Here’s what we do know.  Early humans were few and far between for much of our existence:

We also had to contend with severe climate change, including several ice ages.  Remember, our last ice age ended just 14,000 years ago, and it’s been unusually warm ever since:

Glacial ages in the last 150,000 years.

These climatic changes caused us to migrate in communal waves, leading to different people living in different parts of the world:

Human History

Human history begins around 5,000 years ago, when our oldest writings first appear in ancient Sumeria  Writing quickly spreads to other parts of the world, as civilizations start springing up in places like Egypt, India, China and beyond.

The actual year history begins for each of these civilization depends on when writing is first adopted there.  Those that were first documented in 2,500 BC, have a lot more history than those that were documented in 500 AD. Three thousand years more, to be exact.

They are also a lot closer to our prehistory (stories from before the time of writing).  Stories that have been preserved and passed down to us through oral traditions.  By comparing these so called creation myths, and how they change over time, we can get a more complete picture of our prehistory.  Here’s what we know:

Prehistory (before 3,000 BC)

From our oldest traditions, humans living in small groups were visited by beings who came from the heavens, and taught us things we didn’t know.  Some of these aliens were here on assignment, representing higher interests.  Others where here for pleasure or other reward.  Some were stranded, or even banished here.  Some lived apart from humans, while others intermingled.

Some of these visitors were even hailed as gods, as they helped us establish some of our earliest civilizations. Examples include the first pharaohs of Egypt, and the first emperor of China

Quasi-history (3,000 BC through 1,439 AD)

Traditionally, history begins when writing is invented.  For most of this time, however, only a small number of people could read or write. Literacy really started to improve with the introduction of the printing press in 1439 AD. It wasn’t until the 1900s that a majority of humans were literate.

Something happens around the time of Moses.  What had once been a world where alien beings were openly acknowledge and worshiped, became one where aliens were now considered mythical beings. Angels and other spirit beings would take their place.

The Rise of Monotheism

By the time of Moses, there were over 2,000 alien gods and offspring worshiped in Egypt alone.  But all of this would soon change with the rise of Monotheism.

More soon …

Two Gods, and Two Heavens

Last time, I put forward a premise that there are two types of heaven and two types of god referenced in the Bible.  By interpreting the Bible in this way, all of the major world religions can now align into a single, origin story.  While some of what follows is conjecture, much of it is built upon solid evidence.  Respectful comments welcome …

If Angels were Aliens

Aliens were involved when Moses led his people through the desert.  Aliens were involved when Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as official religion of the Roman Empire.  And aliens were involved when Muhammad received the Quran.

In fact, alien beings have been visiting and influencing the earth since before the time of humans. Initially, they interacted with us openly, and were often worshiped as gods by the local people.  At some point around the time of Moses, the aliens went underground.  Past references to aliens were hidden or destroyed.  Future references to aliens would now conflate them with spirit beings, and describe them as visitors from the heavens.

Because of this blackout and deliberate obfuscation, there’s a lot we don’t know. We do know that there are numerous species visiting us, and they don’t always see eye to eye. We see this in the Bible’s reference to the battle between archangels Michael and Lucifer.  We see this in the fight between the flying Vimanas in the ancient Indian Vedas.  And we see this in more modern times, as published in Nuremberg Germany in 1561.

Battle of Nuremberg
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This should not be a surprise.  Once we leave the perfection of the one God in the spirit world, we enter the duality in the physical one.  Instead of oneness and unity, we have hot and cold, light and dark, and good and evil.  This is true for aliens too, whether they be a god, angel, or devil.

So Where are They Now?

Many people were shocked to learn that there exists in our country a “deep state,” something that keeps working no matter who appears to be steering the ship.  In reality, our world is controlled through many legacy systems that include religion, government, money, and the press.

And behind those facades, are the control of secret societies and royal bloodlines.  And behind all of those edifices, lie our alien overlords (both good and evil), still exerting influence over the affairs of humans here on earth.

Next time, I’ll answer all respectful questions.  I’m also working on “A New Creation Myth” that merges ancient writings with religious traditions and modern science.  This should be a hoot …

Reconciling Religion

As much good as religion has done over the ages, it’s been (and continues to be) a source of much hatred, bigotry, and death.  Instead of trying to reconcile these differences, I write this to celebrate what we share …

Reconciling Religion

Growing up Catholic, I often wondered about different religions and religious teachings.  How can Moslem, Christian and Jew build upon the same Hebrew Bible, share the same God (of Abraham), yet be so disconnected?  Is there some way these traditions can be brought together?

I believe so, but first some reinterpretations are required:

Two Heavens in the Bible

I was taught that heaven was this perfect place, a place that you go when you die, the place where God lives.  At the same time, I was taught that there were angels who lived with God in heaven.  And how one day, these angels had a big fight.  How could angels have a big fight in heaven, this perfect place?

I believe this confirms there are two heavens referenced in the Bible:

  1. The Physical Version: the sky; where the moon, sun and stars reside.
  2. The Spiritual Version: the place where God resides; paradise.

Two Gods in the Bible

Just as there is confusion around heaven, so too it is with God.  There’s the Old Testament God, the jealous and vengeful God.  And there’s the New Testament God, the fatherly and forgiving God.  How do we reconcile this?  And how can an omnipotent God be deceived by an angel, and be forced to send warrior angels to defeat him?

I believe this confirms there are two Gods referenced in the Bible:

  1. The Spirit God (I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end), and
  2. The Physical God (a living being, the “ruler of the universe” which goes by different names at different times in different parts of the Bible).

The God that the Moslem, Christian, and Jew agree upon is the Spirit God, and their differences are the result of the legacy they inherited from their Physical God at the time.  While it’s difficult to believe that there were real physical beings acting as our celestial rulers, by interpreting the Bible this way, we now align substantially all world religions.

This completes the premise for what follows.  As mentioned last time, all thoughtful and respectful comments and opinions will be allowed in moderated comments.

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